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Using the AcroOptics LED System

The AcroOptics Reef LED Lighting System allows you to create the light profile and photo-period that best fits your reef’s needs and your tastes. Each of the channels is independently programmable, with up to 8 set points each over the course of the day. The lights can be ramped between points as an arc, line or step function. You can create programs that change over time, allowing you to acclimate your tank’s or garden’s inhabitants gently with minimal stress. Or, let Mother Nature do it for you. Using the Astro function, select any location you wish, and the light will run itself to create the solar and lunar pattern of the location selected. All you need to do is input the peak values for each color.

Programming your fixture is easy using the AcroOptics Controller mobile app, available in both the Google Play and Apple App Store.

Mobile App

The mobile app allows you to control and monitor your fixture from anywhere, any time. Intuitive user interface summarizes the fixture data in easy to read graphics, so you know at a glance how much and what type of light your livestock is receiving.

Create programs of any complexity, from a simple on/off to multiple month light profile change. Simply select New Program, choose your fixture and program type, and the time and intensity values you’d like. 

Looking for a more natural light schedule? Select a location from Google Earth, and the fixture will rise and set with the sun and moon from that location, including the moon phase. Just set the peak values for sun and moon, and let the system run. The app provides access to configure the WiFi network, and set the touchscreen display values.

On Board Touch Screen

Can’t find your phone? Just curious about what the fixture is doing right now, or what the day looks like? The dashboard shows you, in duty cycle or PAR.


Most programs can be entered or edited directly on the fixture. Place the time points where you want (left to right) and the output level you’d like (up and down) for each of the colors. The values you save will sync with the mobile app the next time you connect. Preview allows you to set the colors where you want to check the appearance, and also comes in handy for maintenance.

Helpful Videos

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a brief video can save a lot of time. We have put together some short segments to walk you through your AcroOptics system, soup to nuts. Want to know how to do something that isn’t listed below? Hit us up on the contact page and we will be glad to help out (and might post a clip, if the question is interesting).

Getting Started – Android

Getting Started iOS

Fixture Programming


Custom Creations – Bespoke Lighting Solutions from AcroOptics

Sometimes, out of the box just won’t do. If your reef keeping adventures have taken a turn for the serious and you need a serious light, AcroOptics can create a solution just for you. We have built lights for scientists studying how plants would grow on Mars, reef keepers building magnificent display tanks, and retailers who want to stand out from the pack.

Tell us a bit our your project, and we will contact you to discuss your needs.



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    Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers. If you cannot find an answer to your question here, please refer to the User Manual here.

    Q: How do I link the app with my fixture?
    A: Make sure the fixture is plugged in and the WiFi antenna is connected. You will need the WiFi network name (SSID) and password. If this is the first time you have plugged the fixture in, it will be available for you to claim via the app. (This is referred to as “listening”. The circle icon in the upper right corner of the screen will be blinking royal blue.) Open the app, navigate to the Fixture Manager screen, and select the Find New Fixture button. The app will walk you through claiming the fixture.

    If the fixture has been configured already (for example, a different WiFi network or location), you will need to clear the credentials from the fixture to claim. Hold the icon on the home screen down for 8 seconds until the ring around the icon turns white – this will clear the existing network name/password, and the fixture will reboot, returning in listening mode. Follow the same steps as above.

    Q. I bought a new tablet. Do I need to reclaim my fixture?
    A. No. Once a fixture is associated with your user account, you can interact with the fixture from any device with the AcroOptics Controller app. Simply download the app on to the new device, and log in.

    Q. How many points can I use for a given color/day?
    A. Up to 8 points can be used in a given color channel per day.

    Q. My old fixture did not have UV. I would like to start to use that channel, but don’t want to shock my corals. Is there a way to add it slowly?
    A. Yes. Any color in any program can be ramped from a set of starting values to a set of final values, over any time period you wish. Once the final output has been reached, the program will continue at that level until you change. For details about how to enter the ramp, see the User Guide.

    Q. Is there a way for me to see what a mix of outputs will look like?
    A. Yes. The touchscreen has a Preview function (Settings>Preview), that will hold the color mix entered until you navigate away from the screen. Simply set the values there to see what they will look like.

    Q. I have always used metal halide fixtures. How do I know where to set the color channel values?
    A. If you know the PAR values your livestock is used used to, you can target those values using the PAR plot on the dashboard. As many folks don’t have access to a photometer (or a submersible photometer for reef keepers), start on the low side and ramp up over time. Both marine and terrestrial livestock are more forgiving of periods of lower light output than periods of higher light output. Terrestrial plants can be ramped much faster than marine invertebrates.

    Hint – the AcroOptics LED fixtures have a much more uniform light output than metal halide fixtures. Especially on the coral side, pay attention to where the livestock sits relative to the halide fixture. Those directly below the bulb are exposed to much higher light levels than those on the periphery.

    Q. Can I turn the light off and still keep the program running?
    A. Yes. Shutting off the light entirely does not impact the programs. When the light is powered back on, it will check the cloud to se if any changes have been made to the program it is running, and will pick up from there.

    Hint – if you just want to turn the LEDs off while you do something, tap the icon on the touchscreen. That leaves the fixture powered, but turns the LEDs off. When you tap again, the fixture will turn on at the appropriate level for the time.

    Gen 1 Utilities

    Version 2.4
    The latest fixture firmware for getting the most from your CRAVE System.

    This update increases wifi connection resiliency and recovery after interrupts, and improved communication speed and reliability. If you are running over a G/N wifi network, use the “G/N” version. If you are running on a B/G/N network due to weak connectivity or a dated wifi router, use the “B/G/N” version.

    To take full advantage of the new capabilities, you will need to install GUI version 1.1.1 or later.

    Firmware update instructions:

    1. If the screen shows the raw hex when you select download, right-click and select Save As – this will allow you to save the HEX file where you wish (this is typically a Chrome issue).
    2. If you are running the original (< ver. 2.0) firmware, update the firmware before you update the User Interface. Connect to your fixture using the USB cable provided. Proceed directly to the Advanced tab to update the firmware.
    3. Heads up – This firmware update contains major communication changes. If updating your fixture fails the first time, allow the failure to occur, close the GUI, re-open, and try again. It will take the second time. Do not simply hit “Update Firmware” again, as this can cause a communication error. This is a one-off change, and this caution will not be necessary for future updates.
    4. Once the firmware has updated successfully, unplug the fixture, remove the prior GUI from your computer and update to the new interface. No programs you have made or the wireless configuration you have entered into the fixture will be affected.

    Feb 2017
    AcroOptics Fixture Firmware G/N
    Download G/N Version

    Aug 2016
    AcroOptics Fixture Firmware B/G/N
    Download B/G/N Version

    Fixture Interface for PC
    Ver. 1.1.1
    The latest PC fixture interface software (GUI) for creating custom programs to run your CRAVE System.
    Version 1.1.1 features:

    Simplified graphics for the dashboard.
    PAR plotting for your fixture type over the course of your program by color channel – know exactly how your livestock is illuminated.
    New full-custom mode allows for independent up and down ramps for each of two timers per color channel, per day, up to 365 days.
    Feb 2017 GUI for controlling a fixture. For first-time installations, it will also install the fixture driver, WinpCap and Visual Studio Runtime

    Fixture Interface for Mac
    Ver. 1.1.1
    The latest OSX fixture interface software (GUI) for creating custom programs to run your CRAVE System.

    Simplified graphics for the dashboard.
    PAR plotting for your fixture type over the course of your program by color channel – know exactly how your livestock is illuminated.
    New full-custom mode allows for independent up and down ramps for each of two timers per color channel, per day, up to 365 days.
    Oct 2016 GUI for controlling the fixture. It will install also the fixture driver and NMAP