CRAVE LED Reef Light Leg Set

CRAVE LED Reef Light Legs


CRAVE LED Reef Light Legs – laser-cut powder-coated aluminum legs, with cross-tank rim brackets for stability. Fits any CRAVE fixture. These legs are designed to match the focal length of the custom TIR optics to optimize color blending and light uniformity. The low-profile design looks good on any aquarium.

Legs can be used to mount fixtures up to 12″ greater than the fixture series:

  • CRAVE 12 can be mounted over a 24″ aquarium
  • CRAVE 24 can be mounted over a 36″ aquarium
  • CRAVE 48 can be mounted over a 60″ aquarium


CRAVE LED Reef Light Legs

Attractive and robust leg kit with cross-brackets for secure fixture mounting. Fixture height ensures convenient access to the aquarium, and uniform color blending at the water surface. Fits any CRAVE fixture.


  • Four side-mounted laser-cut aluminum legs
  • Two cross-supports

Mounting Range

  • CRAVE 12 – Up to 24″ aquariums.
  • CRAVE 24 – Up to 36″ aquariums.
  • CRAVE 48 – Up to 60″ aquariums.


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