CRAVE LED Reef Lighting Fixtures


High-power, broad-spectrum fixtures perfect for creating beautiful, natural reefscapes. Designed for the high light requirements of shallow water SPS corals and Tridacnid clams, these fixtures ensure that any photosynthetic marine invertebrate thrives.

AcroOptics CRAVE fixtures are available in two color profiles:

Reef Flats – For those who prefer a “true sunlight” appearance, and maintain challenging reef crest and flats coral and clam species.

Reef Slope – Heavier blue/cyan/green channels, the Reef Slope profile accentuates SPS pigmentation, while maintaining the light output necessary for the most demanding species.


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Product Description

Simply the best lighting fixtures available for reef aquaria. Incredibly engineered to ensure years of uniform, constant output, it may be the last fixture you ever need to buy. Highlights include:

Custom TIR Optics – designed specifically for these fixtures, AcroOptics TIR lenses ensure uniform light distribution and color blending at the water’s surface. Naturally appearing glitter lines, with no rainbow or disco ball effects.

Very Large Array design – exceptional coverage over the full water surface – no hot-spots, no dead zones, no more guessing where new livestock will thrive.

Custom Output – fully controllable with 6 operational modes, the output and color profile can be tuned to the optimal metabolic requirements of any livestock, as well as your aesthetic preferences. Two independent timers per color channel combine with user-definable, independent up and down ramps for each color channel/timer to give you full control of your light.

Wifi/USB Connectivity – easily program your fixtures over wifi or USB with our easy to use user interface software. Drag and drop programming for multiple-fixture set ups. New functionality with update-able firmware.

High-quality components, assembled in the United States for years of consistent performance. 3 year full warranty.

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Reef Flats, Reef Slope


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