AcroOptics Gen II Pendant Pair 24×3 Reef LED System


The Pendant Pair consists of two Gen II 24 x 3 LED Reef fixtures with hanging kit and power supplies. For tanks 60″ and greater the Pendant Pair is the perfect cobination of power and form. Two powerful, programmable full spectrum LED lights designed for coral reef aquariums. Incredibly engineered to ensure years of uniform, constant output, it may be the last fixture you ever need to buy. Highlights include:

  • Program and monitor using mobile app or on-board touchscreen.
  • Up to 520 PAR at 12″ water depth, more than enough punch for the most demanding coral and clams.
  • Custom TIR optics ensure uniform light – no hot spots, no dead zones.
  • Highly flexible 5 channel programming includes multiple day ramping for acclimatizing new corals.
  • Actively cooled with magnetic bearing fans for exceptionally quite operation
  • Sleek anodized aluminum design
  • High quality stainless steel hardware
  • Mounting hardware and power supply included
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The AcroOptics Pendant Pair A243C LED Reef System provides the power and spectrum needed for any marine invertebrate, from low-light large polyp stony corals to the most demanding shallow-water Acropora corals and Tridacna Clams.

Consisting of two of the A243C fixtures with hanging kit and power supply, the Pendant Pair is perfect for larger (60″+) and deeper reefs.

Our Very Large Array design with custom Total Internal Reflective lenses creates a uniform and blended light field across your aquarium, eliminating the common problems of hot spots and dead zones, while keeping the light where it is needed, eliminating glare for viewers. Sleek design and a low profile create an attractive appearance for any reef tank, whether mounted on the tank rim using the laser-cut legs or hung with the stainless aircraft cable hanging kit.

Used by both professional and amateur reef keepers, this fixture is built to withstand the most demanding environments. All-aluminum housing and stainless steel hardware will last for years. High-quality LEDs and active temperature-sensitive cooling ensure years of consistent light output and characteristics, maintaining the stable environment your livestock craves. Low noise magnetic bearing fans ensure near-silent operation.

The AcroOptics Reef Light is the most flexible and robust fixture on the market. Five independently controlled color channels allow you to create the appearance you desire while providing ample light to your tank denizens. You can customize your light profile to fit the evolving needs of your reef ecosystems through the mobile app (available for both iOS and Android) or the on-board touch screen. Recreate the daily solar and lunar cycles of any geographic location, or create your own program, ranging in complexity from a simple on/off to multiple-day ramping for acclimatizing new livestock.

  • Dimensions (each): 24″ x 14.75″ x 2.75″ fixtures, requires + 2″ for cable and antenna clearance between fixtures, suitable for 60″ to 72″ aquariums
  • Weight  53.6 lbs. total

The AcroOptics A243C LED Reef Light is guaranteed against material defect and workmanship for three years from purchase.

Additional information

Weight 21.6 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 13.9 × 2.9 in


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