CRAVE LED Reef Light

CRAVE LED Reef Lighting System

The CRAVE LED Reef Lighting System is a programmable, full-spectrum light for aquaculture or reef aquariums. Designed to optimize the photosynthetic process, the fixture generates light peaks that correspond to the most efficient wavelength absorption ranges for the chlorophylls that power coral metabolism. Additionally, significant broad-spectrum coverage benefits both appearance and other light-sensitive biological processes.

The accompanying software allows for custom light cycles up to 500 days, with variable light output by day. It also makes configuring multiple fixtures to run identical or varying programs simple and fast. The fixture has two fully-tunable program cycles, which can be used either to mimic the sun and moon, or overlapped to shift the spectral power distribution over the course of the day.


The CRAVE System has five different operational modes, and can imitate the light characteristics required for the propagation and display of any type of invertebrate, from deep-water species to the most demanding SPS and Tridacnids. Annual solar/lunar schedules for any location can be easily programmed by downloading from

The fixture requires far less energy and emits significantly less heat than metal halide fixtures with the same output, reducing heat transfer to the tank and minimizing evaporation, ensuring a stable reef environment.

The focal length of the custom optics is designed to allow access to the aquarium without removing the fixture, making aquarium maintenance hassle-free.

Available in two distinct color profiles and multiple configurations, the CRAVE System has the flexibility to meet even the most demanding reef-keeping applications. Take a look through our product line to find the system that is right for you.

Functional Highlights of the CRAVE System:

  • Fully Controllable: The CRAVE System can be programmed using a navigational menu and LCD display directly on the fixture, or via USB or WiFi using free software downloaded from our website, including annual solar/lunar schedules for any location – simplifying the creation of even the most complex light routines.
  • High-quality Optics: TIR lens optics blend and focus the light where it is needed, minimizing spill-over/glare while providing ample space to work without removing the fixture.
  • Very Large Array Design: VLA eliminates hot spots and dead zones by ensuring a uniform light distribution over the entire aquarium.
  • Flexibility: The ability to daisy-chain the fixtures allows for a pendant arrangement for larger of multiple-tank configurations.
  • Durability: High-quality components, exceptional design and an anodized aluminum housing means the CRAVE System will require minimal maintenance and last for many years.
  • Longevity: The light output and characteristics after 50,000 hours of use will be within 90% of what it was the first day it was turned on, due to the advanced design and power draw of the fixture.
  • Low Lifetime Cost: With no bulbs to replace, up to 75% less electrical usage, 80% less heat output, and up to 50% less water evaporation compared with metal halide fixtures, the CRAVE System has a lower lifetime cost.
  • Room to Grow: Updateable firmware ensures your fixtures can keep up with the latest software improvements.

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