Working with delicate coral reef ecosystems requires top-quality equipment. While our original LED reef lighting system offers excellent results for reef-keepers, we’re proud to introduce the second generation of our system. Here, we share the key differences between the two generations.

Sleeker Design

The second generation of our original LED lighting system has received a design overhaul, and the result is a much sleeker and streamlined fixture that maintains the large LED surface area. Its upgraded, compact design is perfect for both amateur and professional reef-keepers, and users will find that its reduced size and weight keeps attention on the aquarium’s beauty. We have added a new 36” 2 section footprint, ideal for 36” to 48” reefs.

Whisper-Quiet Function

Magnetic bearing, variable speed fans are our quietest yet. Coupled with improved thermal management within the fixture, heat transfer to the reef is virtually eliminated and light output is increased to keep your marine environment stable and thriving. And we didn’t stop at the fixture: the Gen 2 power supply is passively cooled, silent, and waterproof. If you love our first gen model but you’d prefer a whisper-quiet fixture, our second generation system is the perfect solution.

AcroOptics Mobile AppSophisticated Control – from Anywhere

Owners enjoy the user-friendliness of our first gen system and its accompanying desktop app, so we’ve made it mobile.  Programming for geo-located solar and lunar schedules is as easy as selecting the desired location on a map. Acclimatization programs that ramp intensity up or down over any time period are just as easily created, including a selection of ramp types to fit any aesthetic or biological need. Not to be left behind, the on-board controls have been improved, as well. Buttons have been replaced with a touchscreen interface for easy programming, which includes a preview function so you can see how your program looks to the naked eye. The AcroOptics Controller mobile app is available from both Google Play and the Apple Store, and allows you to monitor and control your fixture from anywhere.

Improved Durability

We take pride in the durability of each of our products, but we’ve engineered our second generation LED system to be the longest lasting product in our line. Most lights are built assuming they will be replaced every few years, costing you time and money, as well as disturbing your reef environment. We designed our second gen product to be a one-time purchase. All stainless steel hardware connects anodized aluminum housing and mounting gear – no rust spots, no plastic. Its nuanced controls and serious power make it the ideal fit for numerous types of livestock, so your light will keep pace with the evolution of your reef.

Our team at AcroOptics is proud to offer an excellent selection of products to suit the needs of both amateur and professional reef-keepers. Our LED lighting systems provide unprecedented function and durability, and both generations are designed to keep your marine ecosystem in harmony. We offer a three-year warranty against material defects or workmanship, so you can feel confident that your AcroOptics lighting system will withstand the test of time. If you’d like to browse our selection, please visit us online.