AcroOptics LED Grow Light System

The AcroOptics LED Grow Light System is a programmable, full-spectrum light for indoor horticulture. Our color blend goes beyond the optimization of the photosynthetic process. AcroOptics grow fixtures generate light peaks that correspond to the most efficient wavelength absorption ranges for the chlorophylls. Just as importantly, they produce significant broad-spectrum coverage spanning the ultraviolet to infrared wavelengths that are key to other light-sensitive biological processes in terrestrial plants. Coupled with serious power, this combination benefits appearance, growth rates and nutrient production so you can get the best from your livestock.

The accompanying mobile app lets you create custom light cycles by day over time. Eliminate the need to handle livestock as it progresses through growth stages; both vegetative and flowering light conditions can be produced in a single program. Whether you grow orchids, herbs, vegetables, o cannibis, the narrow wavelength control groups enable you to hone in on the light recipe that promotes the characteristics you desire. Whether you wish to shorten the period from seedling to harvest, or reproduce the photo-period and characteristics of a specific geographic location for hard to keep plants, the AcroOptics system gives you the power to achieve your goals.

Configuring multiple fixtures to run identical or varying programs is simple and fast. Each of the six color channels are independently programmable, with up to 8 target points over the course of each day, for as many days as you require.

The fixtures require far less energy and emits significantly less heat than other technologies, without sacrificing intensity, reducing HVAC requirements, minimizing evaporation, and ensuring a stable growing environment.

The custom optics are designed to allow access to the plants without interference from the fixture, making crop maintenance hassle-free.

Available in multiple configurations, the AcroOptics LED Grow System has the flexibility to meet even the most demanding indoor gardening applications. Take a look through our product line to find the system that is right for you.

Functional Highlights of the AcroOptics System:

  • Fully Controllable: The AcroOptics System can be programmed using the on-board touch screen or the AcroOptics Controller mobile app, available in both the Google Play and Apple App stores. Even the most complex light routines are easy to create and edit. Six independent channels include an IR channel to invoke flowering or vegetation.
  • High-quality Optics: TIR lens optics blend and focus the light where it is needed, minimizing spill-over/glare without sacrificing diffusion.
  • Very Large Array Design: VLA eliminates hot spots and dead zones by ensuring a uniform light distribution over the entire grow space.
  • Durability: High-quality components, stainless steel hardware, and an anodized aluminum housing means AcroOptics fixtures require minimal maintenance ven in the harshest environments.
  • Longevity:¬†Advanced design and highly efficient heat dissipation maintain the light intensity and spectral power distribution within 98% of the original values after 50,000 hours of use, with no bulbs to change, ever.
  • Low Lifetime Cost: With no bulbs to replace, up to 75% less electrical usage, 80% less heat output, and up to 50% less water evaporation compared with metal halide fixtures, the AcroOptics System has a lower lifetime cost.
  • Technological Advancement: Firmware that updates over the air ensures your fixtures stay up to date with minimal effort.