Steve Tappert – President

Steve Tappert is an experienced entrepreneur and applied mathematician. He has been a hobbyist reef-keeper for more than two decades.  Steve started building a DIY LED system for his own tank to capitalize on the physical advantages LED technology offers, after finding no robust and affordable product on the market that fit his needs.  This project evolved into the AcroOptics lighting system available today.  Steve enjoys climbing, camping and diving, though his dive time has been reduced somewhat since he relocated to Colorado in 1996.


Michael Hurowitz – Product Design/Development

Michael Hurowitz is a physicist, engineer, and entrepreneur, who completed his BS in Engineering Physics at the Colorado School of Mines.  He is also a graduate of the Guy T. McBride Honors Program in Public Affairs for Engineers. Michael’s prior work included a variety of startups spanning many industries, including semiconductor devices, aerospace microwave systems, renewable energy, agricultural and educational technologies. Michael is an avid outdoorsman, hiker, and fisherman, and carries his love of nature to his job, where he has focused primarily on economically viable products that are both environmentally-friendly and serve the greater public good.


Dr. Kai Hudek – Research and Development/ Optical Design

Kai received his BS in Engineering Physics from the Colorado School of Mines in 2005, and his Ph.D. in Atomic and Optical Physics from the University of Colorado in 2012. Kai and Steve met playing Ultimate in Boulder, and a casual (though somewhat nerdy) conversation led to the forming of AcroOptics, and introductions to Michael.  Kai is primarily focused pn the optics and optical behavior of the AcroOptics system. When not pursuing his post-doctorate in physics and working for AcroOptics, Kai can usually be found outside playing ultimate Frisbee, biking, hiking, or at the local brewery.


Dr. Noah Fitch – Embedded Systems Design/Development

Noah Fitch is a physicist who studies molecules and their interactions at extremely cold temperatures. He received his B.S. in physics from Humboldt State, CA in 2006.  His graduate studies, involving manipulating molecular beams  were conducted at JILA at the University of Colorado, Boulder.  Currently Noah is working as a research associate at Imperial College in London in the Center for Cold Matter, exploring laser cooling of cryogenic molecular beams. Noah is also a car and electronics hobbyist, cyclist, fly fisherman, backpacker, and footballer (soccer player to you US natives).  He and his wife Chloe are currently enjoying their great London adventure together and traveling as much as is possible.


Matt Arvidson – Account Representative/Manufacturing

Matthew graduated with a BS in Natural Resources with Management and Policy from Paul Smith’s College in up state New York. He has worked a wide variety of jobs; including measuring tree ratios for fire ecology research, furthering environmental sustainability while working with Conservation Colorado, and managing wildlife enclosures on Catalina Island, CA. Matthew was very excited to get involved with AcroOptics early on in order to help promote sustainable husbandry of coral reefs. In his spare time, Matthew likes to get a dose of adrenaline by fishing, hunting, biking, and hiking with his fiancee Katie.

Special Thanks to:

  • Del Thomas from KenRay Corp.

Del has been an excellent partner in this venture, sharing his years of knowledge with our team, providing guidance on our metal work and fabrication process, and encapsulating the benefits of working with local merchants in any venture.

  • Rich Danielson and Richard Gall from QSC Systems Inc

Rich and Richard have played an instrumental role in seeing AcroOptics’ line of products through the final stages of prototyping and into a production ready design. QSC Systems brings over 24 years of PCB and final product assembly experience to the table. Working with QSC Systems has enabled us to focus all of our efforts on the design and performance aspects of our system, knowing that we are in good hands for final production. Their diverse experience was invaluable. We are lucky to have such a dedicated partner in our efforts.

  • John VanLaanen, E.E.

John has provided not only a high level of technical expertise, but a mature and steady hand throughout our development process. We greatly appreciate his support and guidance.

  • Joey Payne

Even in the youth-driven world of start ups, Joey represents the new wave of knowledge workers. Born in Canada, working from New Zealand, and delivering high quality code in a timely fashion, Joey has been a great deal of fun to work with.