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The words every aquarist dreads; tank crash. After an extended period of insane work hours, I turned my attention back to my reef tank. I started the routine maintenance that I had been neglecting – water change, vacuuming the substrate, cleaning/tuning up the various pumps, skimmer and the rest of the gear. Quick trip over to the LFS (I am lucky to have a really high-quality LFS here in Boulder) to grab some replacement bulbs. All pretty standard stuff. When I was done, the tank looked excellent, and I hit the sack.

The next afternoon, I went in to admire the livestock – always a good stress reliever. Not this time. Several prize Acropora and Montipora, as well as a clutch of Pocillopora, were bleaching rapidly after only a few hours of light. I turned the lights off, but the damage was done – white line wiped out in a day what had taken me significant time and money to create. I was not a happy guy.

I have never liked MH lights. After 20 years of reef-keeping, I was tired of burning the back of my hands, the heartburn of finding just the right spot for new frags, torching my eyes from the intense spillover, and insult to injury, dropping serious coin on replacement bulbs. What I wanted was a durable fixture with the power and uniformity that would provide a stable environment for years.

That was three years ago. We have gone through successive rounds of prototyping/refining, and are now proud to deliver a truly complete light solution, the CRAVE series of LED fixtures. We hope that you find them as valuable as we have – the very first fixture, assembled by hand from fabricated parts, sits atop my tank, which has begun the journey back to the beauty that it once held.